Friday, July 18, 2008

Splendor in the Grass

All pictures are copyrighted 2008 ©
by SM.Shahrokni
Digital Presentation Int.


Hossein said...


Ali-jan and sweet Izabella look so sweet together! Mobarak bad!

I really miss Ali-jan... He's the best! And I can't wait to meet dear Izabella.

I'm so happy for him. No one has fought so long and so hard for something as he has, And I'm so happy that after all this effort, he double-jammed it!

Damet Garm Ali-jan!


sahba said...

Hej Ali jan,
We became very happy to see your wedding´s pictures, but we became dissappointed the next day when I wanted to show them for Vadje and family because they were only 2 left.

I congratulate you at first for your marriage and in the second for your graduation and your title as medicin doctor. I´m very happy for you and very proud to see that the children in our family one by one successfully finishes their studies.

I wish you and you lovely wife a very happy and lucky life.

Many kisses from Amme Sahba